Thursday, January 31, 2008

Library designs

Current plans for a new Community College Library in Lake City, uh, in your dreams, that is. (Try Prague!)

Norman Foster's Green Berlin Library

Geisel Library, CA

Library mezzanines are engineered and designed to be fully shelf supported. The shelving upright is a fully welded upright. The floor beams are attached to the library bookstack frame. The floor and ceiling pans attach directly to the welded frame and floor support beams. This interlocking frame system is extremely safe and designed to meet all building codes.

What are your thoughts about compact shelving?

Other Design Considerations:
What is a transparent Reference desk?

Does the placement and design of certain collections influence their appeal?

How do you know your signage is effective?

Are there design elements to favorite gathering places?

Does anyone have dedicated art exhibit space besides walls?

What about aquariums?

If you have any time left over in your FIRST LIFE, maybe I'll see you in SECOND LIFE!